Faber-Castell Try It Box


I received my Faber-Castell Try it box yesterday.  I like to share with you.  The reason I want to point out this particular box, it is because it's only $1.  Yes, $1 with coupon code " TryIt". 

I made a video talk about what is in the box. Here is the Link:


But it is up to you to see if $1 + shipping if it's worth it to you. 
For those of you not familiar with Faber-Castell.....It is a German company that makes many professional art material.  It's graphite pencil, each one cost more than a $1.
I personally use some of their products, such as graphite pencils, pastel pencils and more.  And their oil based colored pencils is one I most look forward to in the Try It Box. 

Go check it out my video and see if you like to have a box of your own.

Note: This is NOT a promotion for Faber-Castell.  It is my own opinion and experience that I like to share with you all.