Artist Shirley Lu has been working in the art and design field for over 20 years. Her training in illustration strengthens her rendering of detail in different media and various subject matters.

Three years ago, Shirley began to depict Mother Nature in water, instead of figurative works and portraits, which she had focused on for years before. Water is a powerful element no matter what form it takes. Waves, ripples or raindrops, it catches light and all the colors around it and reflects it onto the surface, transforming into abstract patterns that dance, glisten, and mesmerize the human mind in a calming, mindful way.

Living in Virginia Beach, the soothing waves often become her best subject matter for her creations.

Shirley also specializes in Ballpoint Pen drawing of subjects of inspiration which mother nature has blessed us, such as trees and animals.

Shirley has shown her artwork in California, New Jersey, and the New York City area. Since moving to Virginia Beach, she now also exhibits her artwork in Hampton Roads. Shirley’s paintings have received numerous awards, including “First Place” and “Best in Show”.