Choosing ground for pastel surface


If you are like me , always try to experience making art on different surface, you will want to watch this video about pastel ground.  In the video I show you the types of medium I use to prepare surface for my pastel painting. 

Materials mentioned in this video:

Winsor Newton Clear Gesso - No all clear gesso are the same.  This gesso is design for acrylic and oil. Because the added texture in the medium, it gives a nice surface enough to hold pastel dust.

Golden pastel ground: It is thick , paste like medium. Can be added with few drop of water and /or acrylic paint to make surface waterproof.  It is slightly more texture than WN clear gesso.  It about 400-500 grid sandpaper like texture. 

Deco Art Suede acrylic paint : It is not a medium , but rather an acrylic paint. But the texture it created is rather rough.  Depends on the style or image you are trying to create. 

Marble dust and Pumice powder can be purchase from art store. Some artist like to created their own pastel ground medium for their own liking. 

Watch the full review on YouTube